Lucky Jet is a viral crash game that gives players a real chance of hitting big in just one spin. It doesn’t feature complicated rules and demands no experience at all. This makes the game a must-try for every avid gambler, together with the high adrenaline level you get!

Key features of Lucky Jet

However, although you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun playing this crash game, an effective Lucky Jet strategy for 2023 will definitely enhance the gameplay. It can help you multiply your points thousands of times within seconds.

See the basic characteristics of the game here:

Maximum bets per roundTwo
Pauses between rounds5 seconds
Archive of bets40 last rounds
Min odds1x
Platforms for gamblingPC, mobile devices
AppiOS, Android

Like most other arcade games, Lucky Jet implies specific skills and abilities throughout the whole process. To boost your winning chances, you must train endurance and analyze both strengths and weaknesses of your gameplay. Find out the most working winning strategies, and see what tips and tricks can be used to leave the slot with a victory.

How to Play in Lucky Jet Game

Some tactics to enhance the gameplay of Lucky Jet Game

Every casino game has a specific set of rules. The same goes for Lucky Jet. It features a user-friendly interface and clear navigation, similar to most other crash games. Although it’s a pure chance game, you can still implement some tactics to boost the gameplay. In this game, you will meet Lucky Joe with a rocket backpack. 

The game starts with you placing the bet or bets (it allows placing two bets simultaneously) until the round starts. Your wager can range from 0.1 to 140. Once the round begins, Lucky Joe will fly, gradually gaining altitude, and the game multiplier will rise, too. You must manage to cash out your bet before he flies away, taking your wager with him. If you do, your bet will be multiplied by the odds of the moment when you withdraw the win and be credited to your balance. If you don’t, the bet is lost.

Before you start playing, get acquainted with the following points:

  • The longer the game protagonist, Lucky Joe, flies, the bigger the possible win is.
  • Lucky Jet features an identical layout as other arcade games, with graphics of odds starting at 1.00x and increasing to 200x.
  • The odds of the crash game constantly change. At some moments, they may rise high and then decrease again.
  • Lucky Jet is an RNG game, meaning the outcomes are random and fair.
  • On the left hand, you can find the “Live Bets” panel with all the bets placed in the current round. If you want to review your bets and withdrawals throughout the game, look for relevant information in the My Bets section.
  • Game stats on the number of other players and cash-out multipliers can be found on the Top panel. It’s worth checking the highest multipliers of the round.
  • On the right-hand chat panel, you can communicate with other players and receive decent information about significant winnings.
  • In case of internet interruption during the game, the game automatically cashes out the bet at the multiplier at that moment. The winning is instantly added to the player’s balance.

Lucky Jet has two useful options which shouldn’t be overlooked. These are the Auto Play and Statistics. The former allows setting a multiplier at which your bet will be closed. This feature helps users maintain excitement without losing money because of slow actions.

Meanwhile, the next feature provides access to a unique report, titled “log,” with all the bets made recently listed. These calculations involve bets from all punters from all casinos where the game is available.

However, learning how to play Lucky Jet is not enough to have a winning outcome in the game. It’s still crucial to exploit some tactics.

How to Win in Lucky Jet Game

Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lucky Jet Game

Even though it’s impossible to predict when the Jet will fly off, and if you’re wrong, your whole bet is lost, you can still implement some skills to raise your chances of winning.

The general tips and tricks that will be useful for winning in the Lucky Jet game are as follows:

  • It’s important to know when you are to give up (better when you’re ahead). Handling your money poorly, you will risk losing everything and being forced to leave the game.
  • Set a sum, winning which you will force yourself to cease the game. Even if you are yet on a winning strike, it can instantly change into a losing one.
  • Study the odds. Examine the odds and probabilities associated with various time intervals. Such data will empower you to make informed decisions when wagering and improve the overall winning chances.
  • Explore the respective bonus of the casino you’re gambling in. Some gambling platforms offer specific perks for Lucky Jet fans, adding extra value to your gameplay.
  • Try the demo first. Practicing the game in a demo before switching to real money gambling is highly recommended. It allows you to try your hand without having to replenish your account.

So, to become successful in Lucky Jet, you must be familiar with the game and understand its mechanics, study the bankroll management features, pump your skills, and gain additional confidence in your abilities. All this will assist in coming up with a Lucky Jet new strategy.

Why You Need a Lucky Jet Strategy

Get Ready to Win Big with Lucky Jet Gambling Strategy

Lucky Jet is a unique type of gambling entertainment as it transcends traditional games while also introducing players to the adrenaline-pumping world of high-speed jet races. The core of this game revolves around predicting when the jet will fly away. And it definitely increases the feeling of suspense and excitement.

Expert gamblers recommend using different mechanics and analyzing any results you obtain, whether the round was lucky for you or not. This and other tactics are helpful, but sticking to a particular strategy or two is the true way toward big winnings. If your purpose is to have fun and enjoy your gambling pastime and grab some bucks, you can’t rely only on luck. If you manage to implement all these tactics and pair them with a well-thought-out strategy, your winning odds will palpably increase.

What Are the Lucky Jet Strategies and Tricks

Strategies & Tricks for Playing Lucky Jet

The gambling market includes many strategies for playing Lucky Jet. Find out the most popular ones here:

  1. No Rush Strategy: The player doesn’t have to search for any signals or patterns to use this strategy. The calculation is to win in the long run. Simply place three or four bets and wait for the odds from 1.01 to 1.09 before withdrawing them. This tactic has proven effective in the vast majority of cases. What makes this strategy recommendable is the statistics that in one of about five to six draws, Lucky Joe flies away on his jetpack right after the start – you must pause after several wins in a row.
  2. Double Up: This approach states that every subsequent wager must have a higher value, like an extra 0.1. Once the x2 indicator is achieved, you will win the prize, which will pay all prior expenses.
  3. Game Plug: The strategy implies waiting for the rounds with high odds to start. Then you will place two bets immediately. Make sure you withdraw the first bet at the odds of x2.0 while the second bet must be cashed out at the odds of x4 to x5. This way, your first auto-mode wager will fully cover the loss even if the second bet is lost.
  4. Strategy of x1.1: According to this strategy, the bet must be automatically withdrawn once the interest rate of 1.1 is achieved. Surely, this tactic won’t bring you huge wins, but your rate will rise by 10% with every round: your rate will double in ten rounds. The major downside is that if the bet doesn’t win every few rounds, your bankroll may quickly expire.
  5. Three-to-One strategy: Another effective Lucky Jet game strategy is the 3 to 1, which uses two separate bets. It is most productive when the bets with 5 to 10 odds don’t lose frequently. The strategy’s primary objective is to use an auto withdrawal with low odds to remove a large bet quickly and try to win the jackpot with a small wager. If two rates of 1 and 3 are set, the second one will stand for insurance. According to stats, 85% of the time, the bet will pay out at the odds of 1 to 4. Simply put, if you wager 3 rupees with an auto cashout, you will win 4.20 rupees; hence, you will be ahead even if your second bet is unsuccessful.
  6. Ladder Down: This Lucky Jet tactic is recommended for small-budget players. Stats prove it especially effective with only a few participants present. It’s based on calculating the time and then waiting for the right time to wager with the highest odds. For instance, you place a bet and wait till the odds rise to x1.09. After a successful withdrawal, you repeat the same bet three or four times in a row just to leave out the next bet. Once an x1.11 is reached, you try another move.
  7. Bet x100+: Though still new, this strategy has proven pretty successful. For a start, watch the tab with the odds history closely and spot the indicators x100 or above. See the time they appeared and count precisely one hour before you start playing. Cash out the first debt after reaching x30 to x40 to keep the balance at the same level and then x100 to earn big bucks.

These were the basic strategies that have so far shown positive results in most usage cases. You can try out each of them in the demo version to see which works better for you before exploiting it in real money gambling.

Best Lucky Jet Strategy

Maximize Your Winning Potential with the Best Lucky Jet Strategies

The best Lucky Jet winning tricks can also be associated with how you coordinate your bets. Aside from the most common strategies described above, there are also betting systems widely used across plenty of casino games. They can as well be successfully implemented in Lucky Jet gambling. Note that most betting systems described here also have their Reverse variants. If the strategy is of a negative progression type, by turning it into a positive progression one, you don’t change the effectiveness. As you get more skills and thoroughly handle a specific strategy, you can try the Reverse option.

Martingale Betting System

This betting strategy involves starting with a small bet and cashing it out after reaching the odds of x2.0. If you lose, double the wager and follow the same process till you get lucky. Once you win, start the process anew with a small bet. This way, you will bring back your lost bets plus have an extra equal to the initial bet size. To have a better picture of the system, let’s review it at work:

  1. Decide your base unit. You’d better start with the smallest possible bet. If you place an initial big wager, your bankroll may wear out way before you start profiting from the betting system.
  2. If you lose the bet, double it for the next round. Note that you are to use only one betting option of Lucky Jet. For instance, if you started gambling with ₹1 and lost it, your next wager must be ₹2. If you lose it again, now the next stake must be ₹4. per this system, the bets should rise with the progression of ₹8, ₹16, ₹32, ₹64, etc.
  3. Return to your initial bet after winning and repeat the same progression. A single successful round will bring you back all your losses and add ₹1 to your bankroll – your initial bet.

Although this is a win-win tactic as, in the long run, you will have a win, it requires a decent budget not to run out of money before you recoup your losses and get your bankroll increased.

d’Alembert System

Based on the theory of the remarkable namesake French mathematician, this betting strategy is widely exploited across plenty of casino games. According to it, the sequence of losses can help the player win with every move that seems unsuccessful. Led by this, every failure must result in the rise of the staked amount, and vice versa – after winning, the stakes go down gradually. Like in the case with the Martingale, you must set an auto withdrawal to the odds of x2.0.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you use the system to your benefit:

  1. Decide your base unit. It’s recommended not to stake more than 5% of your total bankroll. So, the perfect option will be 2%.
  2. Start with exactly one base staking unit.
  3. After a loss, increase the stake by one base staking unit. For instance, if you started with ₹3 and lost the bet, the next wager must be ₹6. If you then lose again, increase the stake by ₹3 and wager already ₹9 (note that in the case with Martingale, you would have to double the previous bet, i.e., ₹3, ₹6, ₹12, ₹24, etc.).
  4. After a win, decrease the bet by one base staking unit. For instance, based on the example above, if you won with a ₹9 bet, your next wager must be ₹6. Note that if you win at a stake of only one unit, the following wager remains the same.

As you can see, the d’Alembert system is pretty straightforward to memorize and implement. It has a distinct similarity to Martingale since they both have negative progressions at their core. And yet, d’Alembert is much less aggressive. It’s especially profitable in the short term, but once you appear on a losing streak, you may end up losing quite a deal.

Alexembert Betting System

Initially developed for roulette gambling by researcher Karl Alexander, the Alexembert betting system is the improved version of the above-described d’Alembert progression. If the latter followed the arithmetic progression row 1-2-3-4-5-6-, that of the innovative system is 1-3-5-7-9-, or 1-4-7-10-13-16-, or 1-5-9-13-17-21-. As you can see, the increments between the single stages of this progression are higher.

However, this is not the only trick of this betting system. The main schtick of Alexembert is that the number of bets in every stage is equal to the difference between the stages with the philosophy of wagering low during the losing streaks and high during the winning streaks. For instance, if the difference between bets is two units, like (1-3-5-7-9-), you must wager every stage up to two losses or two wins. Regardless of the outcome of these two rounds, you must keep up with the system. Remember to set the auto withdrawal on x2 multiplier. Generally, all progression betting strategies, whether positive or negative, work with the x2 or 50/50 odds, depending on the casino game type.

The Fibonacci Betting Strategy

This negative betting strategy can be successfully implemented across most casino games, including Lucky Jet. It’s based on the special sequence of numbers known as Fibonacci, which widely appears in the natural world. Here too, you are supposed to set the auto cashout to the odds of x2, while in other casino games, you are to pick up those bets with 50/50 odds so that the win is double the deposit amount.

As a betting system, the Fibonacci utilizes the respective sequence, yet omits the starting zero. To use it while gambling, you should either memorize this sequence or have it written down to follow. The Fibonacci number is “0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377.” Here’s a guideline to abide by:

  1. Decide on the amount of one unit. Although you can choose whichever amount of money you can afford, we’d recommend keeping it as small as about 2% of your total bankroll. Do not go higher than 5%, or you will run out of money before the strategy shows effectiveness.
  2. Start with one betting unit for each cycle, ignoring the first digit of the Fibonacci sequence 0. Accordingly, if your bet unit is ₹2, start with a ₹2 wager.
  3. After losing the bet, move to the next number of the sequence, again, 1. So your bet will remain ₹2. If you lose the next round, turn the bet into ₹4, i.e., two units. Follow the same pattern, i.e., increase the stakes following a losing wager.
  4. Move down the sequence after a win. Once your bet is successful, you must move down two numbers in the sequence. For instance, if you won after staking 13 units, i.e., ₹26, your next wager must equal 5 units, i.e., ₹10. Apply this rule to every win.

However, there are two exceptions you shouldn’t forget about. If you haven’t moved up the sequence for at least two numbers before winning, you must just start from the beginning. And if you have been successful for a cycle, again, start at the beginning. Not to mix things up, it’s recommended to keep track with a pen and paper.

Like any other betting system, the Fibonacci doesn’t increase the probability of winning at Lucky Jet. Instead, it is aimed to help you be on the winning side in the short term or even over a longer one, of course, provided that you are lucky to avoid a lengthy losing streak.

Oscar’s Grind System

This is another positive progression strategy used at the odds of x2. Although it has some similarities with the Martingale renowned betting system, it counteracts the worst aspect of the latter – the losing streak draining your bankroll quickly. Furthermore, it’s more conservative than the Fibonacci and Labouchere strategies.

Oscar’s Grind has losing and winning streaks in its core which lets you play longer at a net zero. Let us have a better picture of how the system works:

  1. Divide your bankroll into units to have at least 10 units at hand. Note that your winning goal is one unit only, achieving which you restart the session. Every time you earn one unit of profit, you end the cycle and start again.
  2. Whenever you win a round, you increase the bet by one unit. Let’s say you have taken ₹10 as one unit per your bankroll. If you win, your next wager is ₹20. Once you win again in a row, your subsequent wagers must be ₹30, ₹40, ₹50, etc.
  3. When you lose the bet, wager the same amount. For instance, if you lost ₹20, you should stake ₹20 again.

Oscar’s Grind is not aggressive; hence, big and quick wins should not be expected. It’s more appropriate for those players who are ready to grind out small wins and make positive progress only after securing their win.

Paroli Betting System

The Paroli progressive betting system aims to generate small wins consistently while also avoiding the risk of substantial losses. Most gamblers state it’s the opposite of the Martingale strategy with fixed limits for the maximum wager. Paroli is a positive progression system, i.e., you are to increase the stake after winning. Like all betting systems, it works with x2 odds, meaning every winning must double your bet.

Although the Paroli system isn’t great for turning much profit, its simplicity of rules makes it appealing and appropriate for inexperienced bettors. So, if you have decided to gamble with a betting strategy for the first time, it’s good to start with Paroli. Here’s a brief guide to exploiting the system:

  1. Decide a fixed base stake. This must be the amount to start with on each cycle. Make sure it’s not too high in relation to how big your bankroll is. The standard recommendation is to set 2% of what you intend to gamble with. Ideally, you shouldn’t go above 5% of your bankroll.
  2. Double up after winning. Every time your bet is successful, you must double your wager for the next bet. For example, if you started with only ₹3, place ₹6 for the next round if you win. In case of a successive win, your bet will be ₹12.
  3. Stop after three successive winnings. While Paroli resembled Martingale before this point, the main difference appears at this stage – you should stop increasing your bet after winning for three consecutive rounds. This is because three wins in a row are pretty common, while any more than that becomes less likely.
  4. Go back to your base stake after losing. After every loss, your wager must equal your determined fixed base stake. No matter how many rounds the jet flies away before the odds of x2 hit, you must not increase the stake after a loss.

As you can see, the Paroli system is that simple – you double up three times, take the profit, and start again. Even three consecutive winnings are enough to get a profit bigger than all your combined losses.

Labouchere System

Unlike the Paroli betting system, Labouchere is not for beginners. In fact, it’s one of the most complicated strategies that requires some time to grasp. Despite this, however, it’s pretty popular among gamblers and Lucky Jet players alike.

Labouchere is a negative progression system like Martingale, implying increasing stakes after winning. However, unlike Martingale, which helps you regain all your losses with a single win, in Labourchere, you should be able to recover the losses from losing bets with multiple wins. Here, too, the odds of x2 are mandatory.

Although Labouchere is pretty complicated, we shall try to introduce it as simply as possible:

  1. Write down a sequence of numbers. This can be anything you like: as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4 or as mixed as 4, 5, 8, 11, 18, etc. The theory behind this is that the potential profit for each cycle is equal to the total value of the numbers in the chosen sequence. For instance, if we take 1-2-3-4, it will be ₹10.
  2. Make bets equal to the first and last numbers of the chosen sequence. Based on the same example, your starting bet will be ₹5 (1+4).
  3. After a win, remove the first and last numbers of the sequence. With our exemplary sequence, we shall remove the numbers 1 and 4. So your next wager will be equal to ₹5 again (this time 2+3).
  4. In case of a loss, you must add the staked amount to the end of the sequence. So, with our sequence, after losing your wager, you must add 5 and transform the sequence into 1-2-3-4-5.

These rules apply to every round. You win – you cross the numbers of the sequence. You lose – you add the staked amount to the end of the sequence. The only exception to these rules is when you have only one number left. In this case, you just stake only it.

The primary difficulty with the Labouchere betting system is that your sequence becomes pretty long after several successive losses. However, even if you have more losses than winnings in the long run, the overall profit increases. In our chosen sequence, it will be ₹10. Labouchere, like any other betting system, is effective if you don’t appear on a losing streak.

1326 Strategy

One of the easiest yet most beneficial betting systems is titled 1326. It’s a positive progression strategy since you must increase as you win and decrease as you lose. The title of the strategy is the sequence you must base your bets on. See all the steps you need to memorize to use the system:

  1. Come up with a stake unit. Don’t go with more than 5% of your total bankroll. We’d recommend picking 2%.
  2. Place one unit for the first bet. Let’s take ₹5 per unit as an example.
  3. If you win the round, increase your bets to three units. In our case, the bet will be ₹15. If you win it in a row, your next stakes for the third and fourth bets will be ₹10 and ₹30, respectively.
  4. If you lose the bet, start a new cycle with one unit.

As you can see, the 1326 sequence is pretty short. So, start anew upon completing the cycle with four wins in a row. The system best fits those who don’t want to make lengthy calculations.

How to Get New Lucky Jet Strategies

Strategies to Optimize Your Chances Playing Lucky Jet

The only way to have an effective betting strategy and increase your winning odds is to try each of them. Whether you start with the demo version to play for free or you’d better risk small bets is up to you. Just watch what works better per your personal attitude, ready efforts, schedule, and playing style. Not less important is to base the strategy on your budget. Some tactics imply big risks and require big bankrolls to work them out, while others are less risky and can be perfectly implemented with smaller bets. 

And if you find no strategy described here fits your playing style and goals, you can search for Lucky Jet game tricks in different thematic communities. Avid gamblers constantly experiment and develop new tactics. They examine the game mechanics and think of the best ways to improve winning chances.


Test Your Luck with Lucky Jet – Increase Your Chances to Win Consistently

Lucky Jet is a chance game where only your luck determines whether you win or lose. Created with RNG technology, all outcomes are random, with no possibility of being affected. However, using accurately chosen tactics and tips, you can significantly boost the possibility of leaving the game with more money than you had when you launched it.

Surely, you can’t remove the factor of risk from any gambling game, nor should you consider Lucky Jet a stable source of income – it’s primarily an entertainment means with a real possibility to grab some bucks alongside. But if you develop your analysis skills and reaction speed, winning more often than losing becomes possible.

As you can judge, all Lucky Jet strategies are aimed at small but constant wins rather than single huge ones. Contrary to widespread opinions, the main profit from casino games is received through small wagers. The aim for higher wins is available to proficient players with in-depth knowledge of not only Lucky Jet but also the entire gambling market. 


What is a strategy in the Lucky Jet game?


A gambling or betting strategy is a plan developed by avid players to boost their winnings in a Lucky Jet game. It may include various tactics and tricks to enhance the probability of leaving the game a bit richer than when stepping into it.

How can I choose the best Lucky Jey strategy?


Choosing the best strategy for this game depends on your goals and playing style. If you aim to win big and are ready to risk alike, consider systems based on high stakes and high risks. Otherwise, stick to tactics that offer smaller wins but are less risky.

Do I have to use only one strategy?


No, you don’t. Depending on how the game develops, you can combine different tactics for greater effect or change the strategy already in use.

Is there a strategy that guarantees a win?


No strategy will guarantee you a win. Instead, these tactics are aimed at enhancing the possibility of winning.

Can I beat the casino’s house edge with the Martingale strategy when playing Lucky Jet?


No, beating the house edge is impossible, as the casino will always have the advantage over its players. However, Martingale is based on a progressive system, which will help you win in the long run. It’s worth considering this strategy only if you have a decent budget.

Comments (6)

I always liked crash games, and Lucky Jet has always been my favorite. When I played it just for fun, I eventually lost my deposit. Right now, I am playing with the Martingale strategy, starting with small bets. So far, I’ve been winning.

The Martingale strategy has always been too risky for me. But the d’Alembert is the very thing. Besides, it’s simple to use and doesn’t involve many calculations. By the way, I have tried it when playing roulette and found it helpful in that game, too.

I like arcade games, particularly for the suspense you get. You see, although you have no influence on when the jet will fly away, you still feel some power over whether you lose or win. Eventually, it’s you who decides when to cash out. My favorite strategy is placing two bets – one small with an auto removal at high odds and one big with an auto removal at low odds. It’s pretty resultful.

I learned about Lucky Jet pretty recently. Up to that, I was stuck to playing Aviator. In both games, I used the same strategy, introduced as No Rush. Surely, I haven’t become a millionaire with it :), but small constant wins are really pleasing.

Once I won about ₹400 in one day, playing Lucky Jet without using any strategy! I knew it was actual luck but still tried to repeat the success later, which ended with even bigger losses. Now I place small bets and cash out quickly. As a result, I win more often than lose, though the earnings are not significant. I’m still recovering my confidence but plan on using the Martingale strategy (with roulette, it worked).

I have read about all popular betting strategies, but I better trust my gut. As Lucky Jet has been my favorite gambling game for the past several months, I have learned how to “read” the stats. I can feel when the losing streak with quick fly-offs has started, and I don’t bet during it. Once I see the jet fly pretty long, I go back to my small stakes and almost always win.

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